Brandon has over 20 years of experience managing a healthcare business and over 15 years experience of money management, trading/investing of stocks, options and commodities. A significant part of Brandon’s net worth is held in physical Gold and Silver. He was a broker/dealer in the precious metals market. Brandon has led the formation of THC Therapeutics to become a publicly traded company. He has extensively researched the publicly traded companies in the cannabis industry including many that do not have exclusive products or services. Most publicly traded cannabis companies have limited revenue. Brandon states THC Therapeutics is a real company with proven technology. We have an experienced management team to ramp up sales for our proprietary new market category technologies. He is passionate about growing our company in the legal cannabis industry.
Brandon manages the department directors, budgets, financing, hiring and devise strategies for growth and expansion. He will seek mergers and acquisitions of cannabis and related holistic care businesses. Monitor and grow portfolio of assets that enhance our business, and act as the liaison with investors, public relations and compliance with any government regulations.

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Joshua has an extensive technology background and has experience in many different fields including information technology, creative marketing, graphic design, video production, print media, website development, plant compound extraction and wellness center management. Prior to joining THC Therapeutics, Joshua was the owner and operator of Roundbox Studio which was responsible for the grass roots branding and development of dozens of companies and products including CBD infused edibles.
In addition to technology and design, Joshua has over 5 years of experience in terpene extraction, and has spent recent months delving into CO2, C4H10 and C3H8 extraction. Joshua’s background in laboratory extraction processes has made him an excellent resource for company research and development in exploring new product concepts.
Joshua is responsible for the company brand strategy, social media presence, web presence, advertising campaign development, company information technologies and overseeing creative as well as IT personnel.



Alisha Forrester Scott, from Arizona, is a productive creative professional who has consulted on projects in 15 industries. Her professional motto is: Together, We Will Thrive! She currently specializes in programming consumer experiences and grass roots marketing efforts. Alishas creative work and community passions have been featured and presented in international radio, television, radio, magazine, newspaper, and blogs. As a career business marketer and sales and marketing advisor, she consults our executive team and CEO. As a published commercial writer and creative projects coach, Alisha enjoys leading a productive and artistic lifestyle. Alisha is currently working towards publishing two self-help titles, and is a published musician.